Kyle Kuzma Dines With Vanessa Hudgens, Lakers Fans React


Vanessa Hudgens is a single woman now which means paparazzi and over-reaching fans are constantly checking in on her personal life to see if she is dating anyone new. Recently, Hudgens has been spotted at various Los Angeles Lakers games and has been checking out none other than Kyle Kuzma. She has even been commenting on his Instagram photos which is something that piqued the interest of numerous fans. Now, fans have even more reasons to talk about Kuzma and Hudgens as yesterday, they were spotted having dinner together.

Images of Hudgens and Kuzma immediately hit social media and it sent both Hudgens and Kuzma fans into a state of emergency. 

The reactions to this news were quite polarizing, especially when it comes to Lakers fans. Kuzma has been struggling at times this season which has led to a lot of criticism. The young star has been the subject of numerous trade rumors and with the deadline coming up, some fans think he will be on the move. Following his dinner with Hudgens, some Lakers fans are jokingly demanding that he be traded, which is kind of harsh. Meanwhile, other fans are praising Kuzma for being able to go on a date with a huge star.

Check out some of the reactions to the news, below.


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