Kyle Kuzma Receives Positive Injury Outlook Ahead Of Lakers Road Trip


Kyle Kuzma was one of the few players the Los Angeles Lakers actually wanted to keep last season thanks to his production and upside. Alongside LeBron James, Kuzma played quite well and is a great addition to a Lakers team that could always benefit from some more depth. Unfortunately, Kuzma has had to miss all of the preseason and the first three games of the season with a foot injury. Tonight, the Lakers are taking on the Memphis Grizzlies at home and once again, Kuzma is going to be out of the lineup.

It’s not all bad for the young star. According to Bill Oram of The Athletic, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel confirmed Kuzma will be with the team on their three-game road trip and could be in the lineup for one of those matches.

Once Kuzma gets back into the lineup, the Lakers offense will most likely see a huge surge as he’s typically good for between 18-30 points a night. Kuzma is a year further into his career which means Lakers fans should see some significant improvement from him throughout the season.

If the Lakers want to be able to make a title run, Kuzma will have to be a healthy piece to the puzzle.


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