KyleYouMadeThat & NLE Choppa Channel Bow Wow On “Hoopla”


Taking a page out of Bow Wow’s book circa Like Mike, KyleYouMadeThat and NLE Choppa have opted to whip up an ode to basketball for today’s modern crowd. And while it doesn’t quite feature such G-rated bars as “basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court,” Choppa does his best in bringing the NBA into your living room with this homage to the Bow Wow classic. 

Over a bouncy banger from KyleYouMadeThat, a producer who has been actively putting in work on the TikTok circuit, Choppa slides over the beat with purpose — though he does seem a little lost about the song’s main theme. Though “Hoopla” seems to ask for basketball-centric bars, Choppa opts to paint a picture of courtship. “Don’t cost anything but heartbreaks, Hurt worse bee stings in the spring,” he raps. “If I give you a ring, would you treat me like a king? / Cause I feel you’re a queen, know what I mean?” 

Despite lacking a clear lyrical direction, “Hoopla” remains enjoyable enough to spin, a low-stakes banger that could easily find life spawning new TikTok challenges. Check it out for yourself below. 


Need a girl like you, oh, on my team
Cause you’re not a regular thing, yeah
You’re just stayin’ on the scene, it’s all
Pull a string on you like a guitar