Kylie Jenner Drops $12,000 On Rare, Iced Out Beanie Baby At Justin Bieber’s Auction


It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is definitely not short on cash, but her latest purchase might have you scratching your head. After attending Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Paddle 8 auction, Kylie decided to cut a cheque for $12,000 in exchange for a custom, crystal-encrusted Beanie Baby. While this decision might seem a little ill-advised, the bear is one of only five ever made of its kind, so the exclusivity along with the novelty of the item makes Kylie’s choice a little more understandable. You may also be swayed by the knowledge that the Biebers’ auction was for a good cause, as the money raised will benefit needy families in Los Angeles.

Designed by L.A.-based artist Dan Life, the sparkling green bear is his blinged out version of the “Erin” Beanie Baby from the 90s. Dan shared the above post the day after the auction took place. In the first photo, he shows off his creation while wearing a matching necklace, as Kylie poses next to him. The next photo shows just Kylie giving the bear a kiss on the cheek. Dan is known for his 90s-inspired work, and currently has a few Princess Diana Beanie Babies similar to this one on sale at Nordstrom’s in New York City, in case you feel so inclined to follow in Kylie’s footsteps. 


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