Kylie Jenner Reveals $1 Million Pledge To Australian Wildfire Relief Amid Mink Slipper Backlash


Kylie Jenner wanted to let everyone know that she is not taking the situation in Australia lightly. Over the weekend Kylie reposted her sister Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story, which addressed the devastating wildfires spreading in Australia right now and spread awareness on the alarming number of animals lost as a result. “Over half a BILLION animals have been killed in Australia,” Kim’s post read. “This breaks my heart …” While Kylie’s repost was still up on her story, however, she followed it up by showing off her pink Louis Vuitton slippers, that are made of mink and worth $1,480.00.

Kylie received plenty of backlash for the side-by-side stories, many calling her out on her hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness for sharing Kim’s mourning message while wearing animal fur and dropping almost $1500 on slippers. The billionaire wanted to clarify that she, in fact, has put her money towards helping Australia, by revealing that she pledged $1 million total to 5 different organizations.

Though she doesn’t directly address the backlash she’s received for her slippers story, Kylie says, “I wanted to talk about Australia and God bless you, Australia. I’m still praying for you.  I hope everyone is still spreading awareness. I pledged—right when this happened, I knew that I really wanted to help, so I pledged a million dollars to you guys over there. I wanted to help five different organizations and just cover the animals, the homes, and…the people and everyone affected. So God bless you, I’m thinking about you. I hope, even it’s a little bit or at least you’re just spreading awareness, I hope that we’re still doing that.” While it’s certainly better than nothing, considering Kylie is a billionaire, $1 million still isn’t all that much compared to her net worth.


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