Kyrie Irving Appears To Dismiss Knicks With Pro-Nets Diatribe: Watch


After an entire season of New York Knicks fans claiming that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant would be coming to their team, they were brought down several levels as both players decided to join up with the Brooklyn Nets, who are just a short distance away. The Nets have never really been New York’s team by any stretch of the imagination although there is certainly something to be said about how the team has been way better than the Knicks have been over the last decade or so.

With Irving leading the way for the Nets right now, fans are incredibly excited about what is to come this season. Next year, Durant will be joining the roster which will immediately help make the Nets a title contender. If the Nets were to make the NBA Finals, Knicks fans would certainly be devasted. Irving is well aware of this rivalry and during a recent appearance at a sneaker store, Irving said it was time for the Nets to take over.

“We’re going to take over the entire city,” Irving said. It can be said that it might be impossible to turn generations of Knicks fans into Nets fans but it’s definitely a noble pursuit. The Knicks are going to be pretty bad this year and the Nets are easily the bigger draw in the New York area right now.

Their first game against each other this season will prove to be a real barn burner.


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