Kyrie Irving Billboard Outside Of MSG Gets Knicks Fans In Their Feelings


This summer, New York Knicks fans faced triple heartbreak as they didn’t get the number one overall pick, weren’t able to secure Kevin Durant and failed at getting Kyrie Irving too. Irving and Durant decided to play for their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets, who are the franchise with a lot less history. The team used to be located in New Jersey which is where Irving grew up. Despite the Nets being in Brooklyn now, Irving still feels as though he is “going home” and now, Nike is using this to promote their athlete.

Today, a Kyrie Irving billboard was spotted outside of Madison Square Garden with the quote “In my heart, I always knew I wanted to play at home.” The placement of this billboard is quite hilarious when you consider how it is being shown directly in front of where the Knicks play.

The irony isn’t lost on Knicks fans who were quick to point out the peculiar nature of the ad. Of course, the billboard space is owned by Nike so it was probably an unintentional coincidence. Regardless, fans seemed to have a bit of a problem with it and made their displeasure be known on social media.

If there is one thing for sure here, it’s that Knicks fans have had a horrific last 12 months. 


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