Kyrie Irving Reportedly Bought George Floyd’s Family A House


While Kyrie Irving gets a lot of flack for the way he thinks sometimes, there is no denying that he is one of the most charitable players in the league who has dedicated his life to helping those in his community. Following the death of George Floyd back in May, Irving ramped up his efforts to support the Black Community and over the past few months, he has always tried to help out however he sees fit. Even if some fans want to ignore his good deeds, it’s clear that Irving will always go above and beyond, no matter the circumstances.

A prime example of this was revealed by former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who recently went on “The Rematch” podcast. Jackson, who was a friend of George Floyd’s explained that Kyrie actually bought Floyd’s family a home, which is a massive gesture that is rightfully being praised by fans.

Deeds like this go a long way and it speaks to Kyrie’s character that we never heard about it until now. Irving typically likes to keep his charitable work to himself, which is certainly a humble thing to do, and not something we see a lot these days.

Needless to say, Kyrie deserves all of the praise in the world for this, and hopefully, the fans give him the necessary credit.

Kyrie Irving

Sarah Stier/Getty Images