Kyrie Irving’s Shoulder Injury May Be More Severe Than Originally Expected


Brooklyn Nets’ All Star point guard Kyrie Irving has missed the team’s last 10 games due to a lingering shoulder injury, and it’s believed he could miss several more weeks before he’s ready to return. According to the New York Post, one medical source seems to think there’s more to the injury than what the Nets are letting on, and that Irving’s shoulder issue could be more long term.

Per the NYP:

The medical source not affiliated with the team suggested, “I think there’s more to this story. It wouldn’t surprise me if he needs [a procedure] down the road.”

Dr. Andrew S. Rokito, chief of shoulder surgery at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, explained to the New York Post:

“He could have a rotator cuff injury which could be just tendinitis and inflammation all the way up to a partial tear. It’s unlikely a full tear. … In terms of time off, I can’t answer that question. It’s certainly conceivable if he really hurt his shoulder with an injury to the rotator cuff he may need few weeks.”

According to the New York Post, Dr. Armin Tehrany, founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care and honorary surgeon for the NYPD, adds, “If it’s just impingement, I’d expect him to be able to start playing in a few weeks. And if he improves great; and if not, I’d get imaging.”

Irving, 27, reportedly suffered the injury during a game in Utah on November 12 and further aggravated days later while playing against the Denver Nuggets. He has not suited up since then and Wednesday night marked his 10th straight absence. The Nets are 7-3 in those games, which has them sitting at 11-10 for the season.

There’s no timetable for Irving’s return to the lineup, but it certainly seems as though he’ll be out of action for at least a couple more weeks.


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