L.A. Galaxy Parts Way With Aleksander Katai After Wife Posts Racist Memes


Sometimes it’s your own people. A soccer player has found himself without a job after his wife reportedly fired off racially insensitive remarks on social media. Celebrity figures across all entertainment lines have found themselves in hot water over comments regarding George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, or the protests that have brought millions of global citizens together. In the midst of it all, Aleksandar Katai, a midfielder for the L.A. Galaxy, found himself apologizing on behalf of his wife, Tea Katai, for her racist posts.

Unsurprisingly, Tea Katai’s posts have been deleted, but in one, she called for protesters to be killed and in another, there was a photo of what was supposed to be a looter with a shoebox in hand along with the caption, “Black Nikes Matter.” The L.A. Galaxy made it clear that they are anti-racist and openly condemned the posts, asked for them to immediately be removed, and then reportedly “mutually agreed” to part ways with Aleksandar Katai.

In a lengthy apology on Instagram,  Aleksander denounced racism and said he takes “full responsibility” for his wife’s actions while calling her posts “unacceptable.” He added, “These views are not ones that I share and are not tolerated in my family… I strongly condemn white supremacy, racism and violence towards people of color: Black lives matter.”

The soccer player also stated that the incident was “a mistake from my family” and also said he would “ensure that my family and I take the necessary actions to learn, understand, listen and support the black community.” Read through his full statement below.


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