Lady Gaga Has No Idea What “Fortnight” Is Or Who Ninja Is: Fortnite Twitter Reacts


Fortnite is arguably the biggest game out right now. Truthfully, you must be hiding underneath a rock to not know what the hell Fortnite is. Kids, adults, and everyone in between have obsessed with this game heavily to problematic points. People have accused Epic Games of making Fortnite as addictive as cocaine and there have been reports of the toxic work culture from people who’ve worked on the game in the past. However, it seems all of this has flown over Lady Gaga’s radar. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images 

Shocking gamer Twitter, Lady Gaga did not only admit that she had no idea was Fortnite is, but she also misspelled the game’s title. “What’s Fortnight?” She tweeted, sparking outrage and hilarity on Twitter from dedicated gamers. Although the Fortnite Twitter account continued to promote Chapter 2, a few prolific gamers, including Ninja who joking tried to shoot his shot, responded. “Call me on the telephone. I’ll give you a Million reasons to play. You and I,” he wrote with a picture of Gaga. Unfortunately, it Gaga didn’t necessarily want to accept the invitation immediately. “@Ninja who are you?” She tweeted earlier today.

Despite, apparently, not knowing what Fortnite is, she’s previously explained that she is, indeed, a fan of Bayonetta Chapter XIII. There have been a few theories floating around on social media that this might be a marketing ploy but only time will tell. 

Peep the reactions below. 


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