Lady Gaga Warns J-Lo & Shakira She “Better Hear No Lip-Syncing” At Halftime Show


On Saturday night, Lady Gaga performed at the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night show at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday. At the pre-Super Bowl event, the popstar took the opportunity to make an announcement to the Super Bowl halftime show’s headliners, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, about their performances. “I better hear no lip-syncing tomorrow!” Gaga exclaimed, somewhat in reference to her own halftime show performance in 2017. While Gaga has denounced lip-syncing her entire career, the singer was accused of having pre-recorded her vocals for her halftime show performance, due to her elaborate descension from the sky onto the stage that called her ability to sing in that moment into question. However, Gaga released the isolated vocal track from the performance following the show, proving that she did, indeed, sing live.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for AT&T

Gaga imitated that very entrance at the pre-Super Bowl show on Saturday, before giving the sharp warning to J-Lo and Shakira. However, she quickly followed up her demand with a sweet message. “I love you Miami. I love you J. Lo. I love you Shakira,” she said while sitting by her piano. Near the end of the concert, Gaga sent her best wishes to everyone taking the stage and the field at the Super Bowl. “I wish so much love and so much luck to everyone that’s doing the halftime show, to both the teams that are playing each other in the Super Bowl,” she said. “They’re all champions.” She then reminisced on her own aforementioned halftime show performance, though failing to mention the accusations of lip-syncing. “I remember when I played the halftime show and it was one of the most special, beautiful things that’s ever happened to me. So, thank you,” she said. “And once again, all my love to everyone that’s performing and playing tomorrow. I hope they all feel as lucky as I do right now.”


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