Lakers Receive Heavy Dose Of Shade From The Bucks Twitter Account


Last night was one of the biggest NBA regular-season games in quite some time. The Los Angeles Lakers were taking on the Milwaukee Bucks to determine who the best team in the league is, right now. In the end, the Bucks won the game by a score of 111-104 and were pretty well in the lead for the entire game. The Lakers were playing catch up all night long and they just couldn’t get enough momentum going to make a legitimate comeback.

This is the first time this season where the Lakers lost two games in a row and the Bucks Twitter account made sure to throw in some jabs. The Bucks posted a screenshot of a Lakers tweet from the preseason which demanded that the league watch out for the purple and gold. Of course, the Bucks had to add a snarky caption which just further added to the antics.

With the win, the Bucks improve to 25-4 on the season while the Lakers go down to 24-5. Both teams are still first place in their respective conferences so, in the grand scheme of things, this game doesn’t matter all that much. Either way, it’s clear the Bucks are a real contender while the Lakers need to figure out how to beat teams with a winning record.


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