Lakeyah Links Up With Gucci Mane On “Poppin”


On Friday, Wisconsin artist Lakeyah dropped her second project under her newly-acquired Quality Control label. The advantage of being signed and having a critically-acclaimed 2020 release, Time’s Up, under her belt is certainly not lost on Lakeyah, and “Poppin” sees her and Gucci Mane flexing their success. Lakeyah always has an IDGAF attitude about her, but she isn’t letting anyone talk back at her on “Poppin.” 

Lakeyah started rapping in 2014, so her come-up definitely hasn’t been quick. She used to be part of a poetry slam team as a teenager, so she started writing down bars and making music, soon performing her first show in her hometown of Milwaukee. Her newest project In Due Time features other standout tracks like “Easy” and “Perfect,” which features Mobile, Alabama-based rapper Yung Bleu.

“Female Goat” Lakeyah is one of the newer additions to the female rap scene, and she is certainly not someone to sleep on. Check out her track “Poppin” below. 

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch, I make him eat it sloppy, I might make him clean it up (Yeah)
Make that n**** wanna top me, if he want me, eat it up (Eat it up)
I don’t like these bitches in my business, I don’t sneak and fuck (Yeah)
I might give that ho her problem, tell that bitch to keep it up, yeah, yeah