Lamar Jackson Rewards His O-Line With Gorgeous Rolex Watches


Lamar Jackson is having an MVP caliber season with the Baltimore Ravens thanks to his elite ability at both passing and running with the football. Jackson is one of those quarterbacks that you rarely see during your lifetime which makes his play so special. He has led the Ravens to a 13-2 record this season and they are guaranteed to have home-field advantage all the way throughout the playoffs. 

What’s important to note about QBs is that they are nothing without a good offensive line to protect them. Jackson’s O-Line has been one of the best in the league and to celebrate their accomplishments, he bought them all a pretty dope Christmas present. As you can see from the video below, Jackson copped Rolex watches for his guys. Based on the clip, they were all very appreciative.

With these Rolex’s in mind, we’re sure Jackson’s O-Line will have even more motivation to protect him as they make their run through the playoffs. The Ravens are heavily favored to win it all this year and we can imagine how fun Jackson will be to watch as they go deeper into the postseason. Perhaps an AFC Championship game between Jackson and Patrick Mahomes is something we can all begin to wish for.


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