Lamar Jackson Unleashes His Inner Wizard With Harry Potter Costume


Lamar Jackson has been having himself a pretty great season in Baltimore as he plays his first full season as the team’s starting quarterback. Jackson has impressed fans with his ability to not only throw dimes through the air but also run the ball better than any other QB. Jackson is quickly approaching Michael Vick territory and some people think he has already surpassed him. Defenses have been finding it particularly hard to play against Jackson this season and every week, he comes through with yet another phenomenal game.

Recently, Jackson was a part of a costume party, just like other notable players in the league. This time around, Jackson went as Harry Potter and he definitely did a great job with the outfit. Jackson was decked out head to toe in maroon and gold robes, including the tie and Potter’s signature glasses. The only thing Jackson didn’t do was give himself a lightning bolt scar.

Perhaps one could make the connection that Jackson is a wizard out on the field and that’s why he would dress like Harry Potter. I’m sure this connection will lead to some eye-rolling amongst those reading this but really, you never know.

If Jackson keeps putting up solid performances, he and the Ravens will certainly be making a deep run in the playoffs.


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