LaMarcus Aldridge’s Nets Debut Gets Positive Update


LaMarcus Aldridge is the latest addition to the Brooklyn Nets and there are many fans out there who are annoyed by his presence on the roster. Of course, Aldridge makes the Nets better and with a superteam already assembled out in Brooklyn, Aldridge seems like a bit of overkill. Alas, the Nets don’t really care and now, they are set to take on the Charlotte Hornets tonight, which should prove to be a successful endeavor.

As for Aldridge, Nets fans have been wondering when he would get to make his first start with the team, and now, that question has been answered. According to Malika Andrews of ESPN, Aldridge will be able to make his debut tonight, where he will most likely be on a minutes restriction. This is something that was expressed by head coach Steve Nash recently.

“He definitely can compete to start but we’ll see how it plays out,” Nash said per SB Nation. “We got to get him up to speed with his conditioning, integrated with the team, comfortable with what we do and with his teammates. There’s plenty of time so he definitely can start.”

While Aldridge’s inclusion in the lineup won’t make the Nets immediate title winners, there is no doubt that he brings some massive depth and experience to the roster, which should prove to be huge once the playoffs roll around.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images