LaMelo Ball Claims He Could Have Been An NFL Quarterback


LaMelo Ball has been making plenty of waves in the NBL this season and in 2020, he will be drafted into the NBA. As of right now, he is projected to be a top-five pick and has the potential to go quite high. In a recent report from Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report, Ball’s rise to basketball stardom was documented and he opened up about his goals and aspirations.

At one point in the interview, Ball made some pretty bold claims including how he feels about himself in relation to Lonzo and how at one point, he was hoping to be a football player.

 Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

Per Fader:

“The first time they met, Brooks told LaMelo, “Your brother’s really good,” referring to Lonzo. LaMelo stared at him and said, deadpan, “I’m better than him.” He also believes he can play in the NFL right now: “Swear to God, I can be an NFL quarterback!” Any such dreams were squashed, though, when LaVar said the fashion-conscious, sneakerhead teenager would have to closet his sneakers and wear cleats all day every day of ninth grade if he wanted to play football.”

Lonzo has had his ups and downs so far in his career so it’s not surprising to see LaMelo make such a claim. Regardless, only time will tell which Ball brother is the better player.


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