LaMelo Ball’s Manager Likens Him To A Prostitute Ahead Of NBA Draft


LaMelo Ball is the youngest of the infamous Ball brothers and in some people’s minds, he is the best one of the bunch. While many may find this to be a bit of a stretch, it has the potential to be the truth. Heading into next season, many believe that LaMelo could end up being a top-five pick in the draft and in some circles, he may even go number one. As of right now, he’s playing overseas in the NBL and has had multiple opportunities to show off just how good he is. 

In a new article from Bleacher Report, LaMelo’s manager, Jermaine Jackson, spoke about how the league and some brands have been exploiting him before he officially gets his bag in the NBA. In fact, Jackson used some strong words that he didn’t particularly enjoy using.

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

“People done made money off this kid for years,” Jackson said. “I don’t really want to use the word, but it’s damn near like he’s a prostitute.”

Ball is well aware of his draft stock but finds a lot of the attention he has gotten has led to some misconceptions. “People don’t know me, know me as a person. They don’t know what I’ve been through,” Ball said. “People don’t look at you as a human. People look at you as a dollar sign.” 

As Ball makes his way into the league, it will be interesting to see if he can live up to the hype.


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