Larsa Pippen Defends Scottie After Bulls Contract Revelation


If you are a basketball fan, you probably watched ESPN’s “The Last Dance” last night. The docuseries follows the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls on their way to their sixth championship in eight seasons. The first two episodes were extremely entertaining and perhaps one of the biggest storylines included Scottie Pippen and his insanely bad contract with the Chicago Bulls. At the time, Pippen was in the midst of a seven-year deal that made him extremely underpaid considering his contributions to the team.

Pippen’s situation immediately went viral on Twitter with various fans commenting on how he got played by general manager Jerry Krause. Pippen’s estranged wife Larsa saw all of the commotion and made sure to defend Scottie, posting an article that states how Pippen actually made more during his career than Michael Jordan. Of course, this is because he signed a huge deal with the Portland Trail Blazers after MJ retired.

Despite their rocky past, it’s certainly nice to see Larsa defending her estranged husband from any future slander. Pippen isn’t exactly all over social media like other former players so he wasn’t able to defend himself last night. Although perhaps we will be hearing from him during the next episode of ESPN’s The Jump.

Either way, let us know what you thought of “The Last Dance,” in the comments below.


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