Lauryn Hill Wins Court Battle Against Cousin Over Unpaid $65K Loan


There are plenty of people who don’t loan money to family members, and it may be because they don’t want to end up in Lauryn Hill’s position. The Miseducation singer has had quite a few run-ins with creditors in the past as her financial history has been played out in the headlines, but this time a court has ruled in her favor regarding a lawsuit she brought against her cousin, Gerald Hill.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

We reported back in 2018 that Lauryn filed a lawsuit against Gerald over a loan she gave him in 2017. The cousins had a written contract in place that stated Gerald was to repay the loan by September of that year, however, the date came and went, and the former Fugees singer didn’t receive her money back. If the debt was repaid by September, it would be interest-free; if it wasn’t, there would be 10% annual interest until repayment was squared away.

It’s now being reported that Gerald didn’t appear at a recent scheduled court date, so a judge has issued a default judgment in Lauryn’s favor. “Judgment is hereby entered in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant in the amount of $72,886.62 consisting of $71,228.95 in damages, including contractual interest, attorneys’ fees in the amount of $1,401 and costs in the amount of $256.67.”

Lauryn was recently back in court in late October because she’s attempted to subpoena Gerald in order to obtain information about his finances, but he hasn’t responded. 


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