Lawd P Talks Life, Love & Living Through A Pandemic On “BLOOD WATER”


Brooklyn, New York has always been a prime source for discovering some of the best rappers and lyricists to come into the game — The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Lil Kim and Fabolous are just some of the usual suspects that were born in the borough and went on to become rap legends.

A new face looking rise in the realms of rap is Lawd P, and by the looks of his determination, lyrical content and knack for impressive visuals, we may have just discovered another one of BK’s brightest stars. 

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With “BLOOD WATER,” Lawd P’s latest single to arise from his 2020 EP Paradigm Shift 2020, his musical influences are almost immediately recognizable — the aforementioned Hov, Philly rap vet Black Thought and fellow BK lyricist Skyzoo all come to mind. The visuals make you respect his hustle even further, where he puts the setting in a church as he spills his soul to The Man Above™ about all the things we’ve all pretty much been stressing about this past year. Overall, this song proves that Brooklyn is still one of the most influential places in the world when it comes to hip-hop, and Lawd P could potentially be one of the latest to prove that as a fact. Thanks for speaking your truth for the masses to enjoy and relate to, P!

Stream “BLOOD WATER” by Lawd P below, in addition to checking out the official music video that premiered recently. Also, be sure to stream his full Paradigm Shift 2020 EP via Soullennial and let us know what you think of this rising emcee hailing from a borough of many rap kings before him:

Quotable Lyrics:

Stash house and more drugs
More deaths and less hugs
Never knew how to show love
Hoping I change for the Man above
Cops killing on our side
Imagine if we could’ve multiplied?
More debt, buying more credit
But all is left is to fight through this pandemic