LBS Kee’vin Drops Off Debut Mixtape “Belair Baby” Ft. NoCap


Up-and-comer, LBS Kee’vin, released his debut mixtape, Belair Baby, on Friday featuring Alabama rapper, NoCap. The Florida native has only been making music for about a year now, but he found almost immediate success when he dropped his first track, “Boston George,” last year. Since then, it’s been a string of solo tracks, some of which, such as this year’s “V12,” “CD,” “Upper Hand,” “Thug Cry,” “Mariah From Cali,” and the NoCap-assisted “Diverse, serving as singles off Belair Baby.

The versatile artist refuses to limit himself when it comes to pigeon-holing into any kind of rigid genre or style, which certainly comes across on Belair Baby. “You know how rappers have a type beat? I don’t think I have a type [sound] because I’ve done so many different styles,” Kee’vin has said about his music. “I got pop songs, I got love songs, trap songs, all kinds.” Check out Kee’vin’s Belair Baby and let us know what you think of this breakout artist’s debut effort.

Belair Baby Tracklist

1. Living Legend
2. Diverse ft. NoCap
3. Mariah From Cali
4. V12
5. Thug Cry
6. Heartbreak Kid
7. Upper Hand
8. Lifestyle
9. CD
10. Headline
11. Boston George


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