LeBron Earns Support From Stephen Jackson: ‘Not The Time To Crucify His Character’


LeBron James has received plenty of criticism for his recent comments about the NBA-China controversy, specifically how he felt Houston Rockets’ general manager “wasn’t educated” enough when he tweeted his support for the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong.

The four-time MVP has been under fire ever since his cringeworthy remarks on Monday, and the issue shows no signs of going away as the 2019-20 NBA season tips off in less than one week.

Despite how poorly LeBron has handled the situation, former NBA player Stephen Jackson thinks everyone needs to pump the breaks on the backlash because of all the charity work LeBron has done during his career.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Captain Jack to get his take on the whole ordeal.

“This is not the time to try to crucify LeBron’s character. We all know who LeBron is,” says Jackson.

“He’s done so much off the court. We can’t let this one incident when we knew he was coming from a good place [destroy his reputation]. He was coming from a good place, he might not know everything he’s talking about but we know LeBron, and it’s never coming from a bad place. I would stand to say that.”

“We know who he is as a person,” Jackson added.

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