LeBron James Accused Of “Disrespect” By NBA Announcers


The Utah Jazz announcers were fed up with LeBron James’s antics courtside at Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. At one point, LeBron’s teammate Kyle Kuzma pulled a moved that got James on his feet. In the video, LeBron is seen on the court sans shoes, a move that didn’t go unnoticed by the announcers.

Brandon Dill/Getty Images

“Look at LeBron. He’s on the court…with no shoes,” they said. “What is going on here? That’s some disrespect right there.” As insignificant as the remarks may have been, a clip of the moment swiftly made its way through social media. While the announcers were quick to point out the lack of footwear on LeBron’s feet, they weren’t aware of why the NBA star no longer had shoes on.

The basketball player had just given, and autographed, the shoes right off his feet to two little kids. The interaction was captured by cameras that followed the excited children up the stairs as they gave high-fives on their way back to their families. “Lebron makes two kids night giving them his (autographed) game worn shoes and the Jazz commentators turn it into a ‘he’s being disrespectful for celebrating on the court with no shoes‘ narrative?!?,” wrote one Twitter user. Check out clips from both moments as well as reactions, below.

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