LeBron James Gets The Meme Treatment After “Space Jam” Trailer Drops


LeBron James is the new star of the latest Space Jam movie. Fans have been anticipating this new title for quite some time now and on Saturday morning, the trailer for the movie finally came out. In this trailer, LeBron James can be seen entering a whole new universe where he is surrounded by some of the most iconic characters in the history of Warner Brothers Studios. This is where he is tasked with playing a game of basketball against the Goon Squad, all while teaming up with the Looney Tunes. The whole journey looks pretty epic, and you can see the trailer, below.

As one can imagine, there were some pretty memeable moments to be had here, and NBA Twitter made sure to do their thing. Perhaps the best part of the trailer is when LeBron tries to make a superteam with Gandalf, the Iron Giant, and Superman, which had many fans making Skip Bayless jokes about how MJ would never need a superteam to beat the Monstars. From there, we got to see Lola Bunny imitate D-Wade, and there were plenty of other dope moments, as well.

Overall, this movie might not be for everyone but the jokes that will come from it are pretty special.