LeBron James Hilariously Saved By Jared Dudley After High-Five Snub


Every person’s worst nightmare is being left hanging on the handshake or high-five. Picture it. You stick your hand out for someone to dap up and the contact never comes. Instead, you’re just standing there like a fool, putting your hand back to the side in pure shame. Well, that’s exactly what happened to LeBron James on Tuesday night as his team took on the Phoenix Suns. Sure the Lakers won the game but at what cost?

In the video below, the Lakers were taking a bit of a timeout and LeBron stuck his hand out for a high-five from one of the coaches. Instead of getting his props, LeBron was given the physical equivalent of being left on read. That’s when Jared Dudley, of all people, swooped in to save the day.

Dudley hasn’t had a huge impact for the Lakers this season but this is definitely his best assist thus far. As a veteran role player, Dudley knows what it means to be a good teammate and this is the perfect example of his poise in a time of need. We’re sure LeBron was appreciative of the love in a moment where there was no love left to receive.

Hopefully, next time LeBron won’t have to pull a Josh Hart and dap himself up in a fit of pure embarrassment.

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