LeBron James Jokingly Airs Out Family Grievances Before Thanksgiving


LeBron James is one of the hardest working men in sports so when he gets home after a long road trip, it’s assumed that he just wants to get to bed and sleep for a bit. The Lakers just finished off an impressive road trip where they won every single game and this morning, LeBron finally got home to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, his trip home didn’t start off as planned due to some unforeseen circumstances. 

As LeBron described on social media, he came home thinking he would be able to crawl into bed next to his wife but sure enough, his daughter had taken his spot instead. James tried to find somewhere else to sleep but quickly realized all the rooms were occupied due to his relatives staying over for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving can always be a pretty hectic time of year and we imagine it’s no different in the James household. In all likelihood, LeBron was able to get his full night’s rest and is in the midst of a huge Thanksgiving Day feast, even if his energy might be a little low right. After starting the season 16-2, he definitely deserves the time to unwind. 

As for the rooms in his house, well, those will free up once the holidays are over.

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