LeBron James Left Hanging By Dwight Howard, NBA Twitter Reacts


Being left hanging is probably one of the worst feelings in the entire world. You stick your hand out waiting for some contact and instead, you get a palm-full of absolutely nothing. Last week, we reported on how this exact same thing happened to LeBron James while trying to dap up the Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach. Luckily, Jared Dudley was able to swoop in and save the day which as you can imagine, led to a lot of memes.

Last night, the Lakers were putting up a dominant performance against the Atlanta Hawks and during a timeout, LeBron put out his hand for Dwight Howard. Unfortunately, LeBron was stymied, once again, and had to perform the embarrassing deed of dapping up himself. It’s a sad state of affairs for the player they refer to as, “The King.”

In cases like this, the internet can be pretty funny and they immediately began making jokes at LeBron and Dwight’s expense. For instance, James kept getting compared to Josh Hart who was notorious for high-fiving himself after being ignored by his teammates on the floor. 

Regardless, it seems like Dwight and James have a ton of chemistry out on the court and this little mishap won’t do anything to erase that. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious and you can’t help but just laugh at it all.

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