LeBron James Reacts To Epic Gonzaga Buzzer-Beater


If you’re a basketball fan, you were probably glued to your tv last night while watching the UCLA Vs. Gonzaga Final Four game. This was an all-time incredible match and fans couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. In the end, Jalen Suggs came through clutch for Gonzaga as he dropped a desperation three-point shot at the buzzer which catapulted his team into the Finals where they will take on Baylor.

LeBron James was watching the whole thing and he was just as impressed as the millions of other fans who caught the matchup. At some points, he could not believe what he was witnessing although in the end, he seemingly had a hunch that Suggs would be the guy to end the game and give Gonzaga that huge win.

“I said SUGGS about to hit this as soon as he crossed half court. GAME!!” LeBron wrote.

Gonzaga is undefeated this season and if they beat Baylor in the Finals, they will be one of few teams to complete an undefeated season. Even if the year may have been shortened due to COVID, that is still an impressive achievement, and Gonzaga will be motivated come Monday night.

Jalen Suggs

Andy Lyons/Getty Images