LeBron James Reacts To The Heavy Backlash Against Him: Watch


LeBron James has the entire internet upset right now as he seems to be doing the thing he has always been against. After Houston Rockets GM Dary Morey spoke out on the protests in Hong Kong, China got upset and threatened to end its relationship with the NBA. The league immediately came out and did damage control as they said Morey doesn’t represent the league. LeBron then came out and said Morey was uneducated on the topic and simply, shouldn’t be speaking out.

The Lakers superstar has always been at the forefront of social issues so fans are upset by his comments. On Tuesday, LeBron was asked by the media to speak on the backlash against him and instead of apologizing, he doubled down.

“Obviously, it’s a tough situation we’re all in right now. Us as an Association, us as athletes, owners, GMs, so on and so forth,” LeBron said. “I think when an issue comes up, if you feel passionate about it or you feel like there’s something you wanna talk about, then so be it. I also don’t think that every issue should be everybody’s problem as well. When things come up, there’s multiple things that we haven’t talked about that happen in our own country that we don’t bring up.”

Based on his reply, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be commenting on China any further. It might be a disappointing revelation but it shouldn’t be a surprising one considering the money that’s at stake here.

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