LeBron James Recites T.I. Bars And Reasserts His Greatness


LeBron James has a Hall Of Fame resume that could be argued as the greatest of all time. Despite this, people love to rain on his parade and harp on his NBA Finals record, which could be a lot worse considering the teams he had to play against. Regardless, LeBron has been working hard to remind people of how good he is, his whole career. 

With time off due to the Coronavirus, LeBron has been putting in work at his home gym, and sometimes, he likes to show off what he’s up to, on his IG story. Today, he went off for the camera as he flawlessly recited some old T.I. lyrics and grabbed the attention of Kendrick Perkins who has been a huge LeBron defender over the last little while. In fact, the two had a quick exchange on Twitter in which LeBron made sure to let people know that his greatness doesn’t need to be repeated.

“Nah it’s ain’t like that Big Perk. I was just on some vintage T.I while I was working out and it had me going. But FR what’s known don’t even need to be said,” LeBron wrote. “You keep up the great work you’re doing man! People noticing your gospel on sports.”

An argument amongst fans immediately ensued under LeBron’s tweet, which is to be expected. After all, people are bored and at home due to the virus so what else is there to do? Thankfully, LeBron is giving fans something to talk about.

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