LeBron James Teases The “Best” Episode Of “The Shop” So Far


LeBron James has been killing it with all the work he does off the court and his media brand Uninterrupted is a huge part of his efforts. Uninterrupted gives a voice to athletes and allows them to showcase themselves outside of the context of sports. The whole tagline of the company is “More Than An Athlete” and LeBron has been able to represent that concept perfectly. Perhaps Uninterrupted’s biggest undertaking is the HBO show The Shop which sees James sit down with numerous celebrities in a barbershop setting. The conversations are insightful and typically center around race, success, and becoming your own person.

A recent tweet from James’ business partner suggests the next episode is going to be the best one yet and in LeBron’s latest tweet, he seems to confirm this. “He Ain’t Lying!! This one is INCREDIBLE!!” James wrote emphatically.

With this latest proclamation in mind, it makes us wonder who was featured as a guest and what the conversations were all about. James has always been able to come through with some compelling content and he brings together people you would never think could be in the same room together. If this latest episode lives up to the hype, we are going to have a lot to talk about and break down. 

Who would you like to see chop it up with James on The Shop, next?

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