LeBron James’ Wife Joins Him At The Strip Club For Birthday Party


LeBron James celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday which is wild when you consider how it feels like just yesterday that he was entering the league as a high school basketball phenom. Now that LeBron is in Los Angeles, his birthday celebrations are a lot more extravagant and yesterday proved that. According to TMZ, LeBron was celebrating at the Sunset Tower with many of his teammates surrounding him. Of course, these teammates were Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, and even Jared Dudley.

Once James and crew were done at the Sunset Tower, they moved on to a strip club in Hollywood called Crazy Girls. In fact, James’ wife Savannah accompanied him to the strip club which just goes to show how much she loves to have fun with her husband.

During his time at the Sunset Tower, the guests were dressed to perfection as they donned suits and gowns for the ladies. Overall, it appeared to be a pretty fun night and the perfect way to celebrate a momentous birthday. Thiry-five is a big year as it marks the midway point between 30 and 40. LeBron has accomplished a lot in his life and he still has plenty of accolades left to grab.

It must be nice to have LeBron’s life.

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