Lexii Alijai’s 2017 Track “Growing Pains” Shows A Young Artist With Big Dreams


The hip hop world is once again mourning the death of a young artist whose life was snuffed out far too soon. On the first day of the new year it was reported that 21-year-old rapper Lexii Alijai had passed away. While there hasn’t been news on a cause of death, many artists have come forward to share their grief regarding her death.

“This sh*t was so much deeper than music. That was my little sister,” Kehlani tweeted as soon as she heard the news. On Thursday she added, “I’m on a plane i’m a lil tipsy i’m lookin at the clouds grieving and feelin sensitive on the internet wit my 24 year old human ass. i’m sorry for anything that come off w hella energy behind it for a while. Truth is i’m angry as f*ck. & i don’t feel like pretending i’m not.”

To celebrate Lexii Alijai’s life and music, we’re taking things back and sharing the rapper’s title track from her 2017 project Growing Pains. Give it a few spins and share your thoughts. Rest in peace.

Quotable Lyrics

And, it’s my year right now
Everybody that’s important to me, here right now
Spit the sh*t that the world need to hear right now
And, all the lil girls in high school could feel right now
Uh, I took a break from rappin, just to focus on my health
Was really in the gym, I had to focus on myself
How could you blame me for being human? I’m only me
Word is bond, Imma make it, and you gon’ see
What you gon’ do when you see me up on your television?
Lexii, the hottest in the city, what they fail to mention
Even though I don’t need nobody to stamp me
Plan A gon’ work, f*ck a plan B
Say she f*ckin’ with Lexii, but nah, she can’t be
Blind to the bullsh*t, like I can’t see
And, I been working on this mixtape
And, at the same time, I been out here tryna get my sh*t straight
Yeah, tryna get my sh*t straight
Same time I been working on a mixtape
Lil Lexii got a big plate

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