Lil Baby Details Working With Kanye West In Wyoming


2020 was a wild year for Kanye West which says a lot considering how the last few years have gone for him. The rapper made some major moves while announcing the presidential campaign that he ultimately lost. On top of that, the world got a clear view of his marital issues with Kim Kardashian which is now leading to their divorce.

In the midst of all of this, Lil Baby found himself dragged into Kanye’s drama after ‘Ye claimed that the Atlanta rapper didn’t want to work with him. That wasn’t true. Baby didn’t even know that Kanye wanted to work with him until that infamous tweet. Shortly after, they were spotted together in the studio with Kanye recently hinting that a music video for their collaboration is on the way.

During a recent interview with NME, the rapper delved deeper into connecting with Kanye West in Wyoming. “[After the tweets] I tried to reach out to him,” Baby said. “I got his number to give each other a direct line then he sent me on a jet to Wyoming – and the rest is history.”

Adding that it was “definitely amazing to hear” someone like Kanye West give him his flowers, he explained that it was never his mission to get ‘Ye’s approval. Ultimately, that’s what made it even more special to Baby.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“It’s not a regular thing that a lot of people get. A lot of people never get that opportunity or would die for that opportunity. And the fact that I wasn’t even pressing for that opportunity and I got it – I think I respected [that] more,” he added.

Fans might be anticipating new music from them on Kanye’s next project. Baby confirmed that they locked into the studio where “[Kanye] had some songs that I started to lead on.” However, it was seeing Kanye in his overall creative element that inspired him even more. Baby not only witnessed ‘Ye cooking up in the studio but also witnessed the producer-turned-rapper-turned-designer work on new Yeezy shoes and clothing.  “I didn’t actually see [West] work on music too much,” he says, “But I saw him working more in a different form – working on his clothing line and his shoes. That’s even more inspiring than the music.”

Are you excited for the Lil Baby x Kanye collab?