Lil Baby Finds “Jim Jones” Working At Lowe’s


During our weekly trips to the supermarket to stock back up on food, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, and more, we’ve come across some pretty strange characters. People are being advised to wear masks and gloves when they step out in most areas of the country and, during one shopping trip, a woman decided to protect herself by placing a whole plastic cover over her head and shoulders. While that is meant to be the focus of the photo, which was shared by Waka Flocka, 50 Cent, and others, a background face is making more of a stir.

“Caption this,” asked Waka Flocka, prompting his followers to come through with jokes about the lady going the extra mile to ensure she doesn’t catch the ‘rona. 

Lil Baby ended up sliding into the comments but he made an observation that’s impossible to unsee.

“@Jim jonescapo,” wrote Lil Baby on Instagram, clearly not knowing how to properly tag the Dipset rapper. As pointed out by many others, the man helping out the customer inside Lowe’s looks A LOT like Jim Jones. Enough so that people just can’t look at this image without pointing it out.

Of course, Jim Jones isn’t actually employed at a hardware store. He’s busy uploading his weather reports, spending time in the studio, and threatening to “super violate” Tekashi 6ix9ine. This is still pretty funny though.


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