Lil Baby Forced To Flee Super Bowl LV Home After Fans Find Out Where He Was Staying


The Super Bowl LV parties will be off the chain in Tampa tonight. Florida will be celebrating like mad as Tom Brady led to Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their second title in franchise history. Tampa’s defense also deserves some love, as they were able to keep Patrick Mahomes out of the endzone for the entire game. Lil Baby is out in Tampa, ready to turn up for the Super Bowl parties. However, he had to make a change of plans after fans found out where he was staying. 

It seems like Lil Baby got an Air Bnb, or something of the sort, in the suburbs of Tampa. However, when he walked outside the crib, he was stunned to see a mob of caucasian teenagers surrounding the crib. “Come outside to a whole mob,” Baby states in a video of the madness. He jets off in a supercar, but still films the large group of kids waiting to get a picture of him. “Can’t come back there. Gotta get a whole new house,” he declares as he flees the scene. 

Lil Baby is having one of the craziest 24 months, seeing himself go from budding up-and-comer to a music force that sits on top of the charts.