Lil Baby Gifts His Entire Team With The Iciest Christmas Gifts Ever


It’s a mighty good time to be one of Lil Baby’s friends. The Atlanta rapper has been getting ready to unleash a fury of new musical offerings in the new decade, warning us that an album and a mixtape are on the way. The exact release dates for both projects have not been announced but Baby knows that we’ve been waiting for something since Street Gossip. It was somewhat of a quiet year for the Quality Control rapper after experiencing a break-out campaign in 2018 but don’t mistake his absence for “falling off.” He definitely is still at the top and when he drops, you’ll see why. Saving a ton of cash from his performances and deals this year, Baby decided to treat his label to some shiny gifts on the eve of Christmas, having some custom 4PF pendants made for his team and showing them off on social media. 

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

4PF, which means “4 Pockets Full,” is a term coined by Lil Baby, also referring to the collective of artists and producers at his label. He treats his people with love and respect, ensuring that they always drip from head to toe and, this holiday season, Baby decided to cop a bunch of new chains for the team. Reaching Icebox, the 25-year-old asked the celebrity jeweler to customize each piece with his friend’s names, writing them into the chains with diamonds. The end result is pretty stunning.

Shout-out to Lil Baby for keeping the team swagged out. Always keep your family fresh.


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