Lil Baby Has Random Scratches On His Face


What’s going on with Lil Baby? Did he get into a fight? Did his cat maul his face? Or is he just putting on make-up for an upcoming music video?

The 25-year-old Atlanta rapper turned heads when he uploaded a new picture to his Instagram Stories, showing off some clear scratches on his face without offering up much context. In the shot, you can see that Baby’s cheek has some deep cuts, with a smaller one above his eyebrow. Fans have been wondering what the My Turn rapper got himself into, but there really should be much cause for concern.

Lil Baby
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The vast majority of people commenting on the post believe that Lil Baby was just in the midst of getting make-up applied for a new music video, or another visual project. The scratches appear to have been drawn onto his face and are not actually cutting into his skin. Still, some back-story would have been nice! 

We’ll likely need to wait to see what comes of this in a few weeks.

In other news pertaining to the Atlanta star, Lil Baby has announced that a deluxe version of My Turn is on the way. He is also working on a new mixtape called Lamborghini Boys, which will feature only rappers who own a Lambo, but that has been pushed back until the quarantine is over.


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