Lil Baby Is Dropping A New Song Today


There’s a genuine case to be made that Lil Baby is the biggest star to emerge from hip-hop’s new generation, with his recent My Turn album validating his lofty position in the game. And even though he just came through with twenty new tracks at the tail end of February, Lil Baby has decided to keep the ball rolling with yet another single. This one is titled “All In,” and seems to have been recorded and filmed during a period of self-imposed quarantine, if the visuals are any indication.

Lil Baby New Song

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On that note, Baby took to Instagram to promote the upcoming single, promising that he would be dropping the track at some point “today” — provided he could secure fifty thousand comments. To be fair, it’s likely that Baby always intended to release this one at midnight, and made the announcement knowing full well how easy it would be for him to meet his goal. Either way, everybody wins, and new Lil Baby is all but guaranteed to arrive by the time the clock strikes twelve.

As for the song itself, “All In” appears to be another emotional banger from Lil Baby, a style that’s he’s becoming increasingly synonymous with. Lyrically, it covers his come-up days when music was never in the cards, hard to believe how naturally gifted at it he seems to be. It’s funny how things turn out. Keep an eye out for that new Lil Baby to land at some point today, and sound off – has he earned your loyalty as a fan yet?


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