Lil Baby Takes PJ To Perform At Southern University Despite Not Getting Paid


On Thursday (October 31), Lil Baby saved the day at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, despite him being the one who almost ruined it. The Atlanta rapper was booked to perform at the university’s homecoming event, but refunded his fee when he had to cancel for personal reasons. However, for some reason, Lil Baby had a change of heart and decided he would do everything in his power to make it to SU to perform. Perhaps he realized how big of a deal a Halloween/Homecoming event would be for students stuck in midterms and seeking release. An alternate explanation is that he feared getting sued, which happened to be the outcome of a Pennsylvania show he didn’t show up to but received a deposit for

The day of the cancelled performance, Lil Baby posted on IG to inform his fans that “Whatever Happen I Found A Way To Make It !! And I Don’t Get Paid Cause I Had To Cancel But Fucc It Lets Go Up Baton Rouge.” Not long afterward, he shared a video of himself on a private jet to prove that he was in fact on his way. Next thing we know, videos of the Quality Control artist performing his hit “Yes Indeed” to a crowd of turnt-up students are surfacing online and he is being hailed as a hero. 


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