Lil Berete & Calboy Prove Their Huge Potential On “Mama Papa”


Toronto’s Lil Berete made waves with his 2018 project, Icebreaker. Illinois’ Calboy did the same when he dropped Wildboy this year and became one of our favorite rappers to watch. These two young artists just proved again that they’ve got a firm hold on their craft with their new collaboration, “Mama Papa”. The song comes from Lil Berete’s 1 Way Out project that was released last Friday

Lil Berete finds an intoxicating balance between crooning and spitting, perhaps drawing influence from the likes of Travis Scott. While he’s providing the kind of music that’s palatable to the youth right now, in his recent interview with HNHH, he hinted that he intends on switching things up once he gets him name out there. “I’m trying to bring the old school type of rap back into the game,” he said. “But I can’t just do it right away because nobody feels you on your first try unless you do it five times. I’m doing what people like right now. Later on, I’m gonna be doing what influences me and what I used to listen to and what I’m comfortable making.”

Quotable Lyrics

These n****s faking they frauds
I pop a n**** for looking too
I get to tripping I pop me a bar
He wants some beef, leave him dead in the yard



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