Lil Durk Reiterates His Disdain For “Snitches” & “B*tch N*ggas”


Rappers are known for having aliases and alter egos. We have seen it since the early days of Hip-Hop when Slick Rick adopted the moniker of “Rick The Ruler,” and recently, Tyler, the Creator’s last studio album fully explored his alter ego “Igor.” Another artist who is quick to refer to himself as something other than his stage name is Lil Durk, who is known to call himself “The Voice.” 

Taking his nickname quite literally, Lil Durk proclaims that he’s “The Voice” of everyone and everything in one of his recent tweets, but he also gives a quick disclaimer. According to the Chicago rapper, there are two types of people that he could never be “The Voice” for.

“The voice of everything just not snitches and b*tch n*ggas,” Lil Durk writes in the tweet, reiterating once again his immense hatred for snitches. 

Considering his neverending beef with 6ix9ine, Durk’s tweet makes a lot of sense, and seeing that Lul Tim — the man accused of killing King Von — has been having a good time on social media after being released on bond, one can only assume that Durk may be referring to people like him when saying “b*tch n*ggas.”

In other Lil Durk news, the rapper’s forthcoming collab tape with Lil Baby seems to be coming any day now, so stay tuned to see what The Voice and The Hero have in store for us.