Lil Fizz’s Ex Moniece Slaughter Threatens To Sue Over 2015 Music Video “Good Lotion”


Now that the drama surrounding Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz’s relationship has died down just a little, Fizz’s ex Moneiece Slaughter has come back to light it on fire with her threat to sue her baby daddy over her 2015 music vide placement. Moniece has continued to be very vocal about her thoughts on her ex dating Apryl and has even praised Apryl’s ex Omarion for his silence and peace on the matter

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Moniece took to Instagram recently to make it clear that she’s thinking of suing Fizz for more money from his 2015 video “Good Lotion” since she believes she wasn’t paid enough. “I think I’m going to sue my baby daddy for my role in the good lotion video. I mean it only did what it did cuz I made an appearance. Lol. Well. And the bags under my eyes. So. I think I should get triple my day rate. @daylana88 can we look into this please @waltermosley I need one of you to figure out how to recoup my coins #imserious,” she wrote. 

Walter Mosley, the lawyer Moneice tagged in her statement, responded to her PSA and made it clear that he’s ready to represent her. Lil Fizz has yet to respond. 


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