Lil Gnar Teams Up With Lil Keed & Internet Money For “HEY!”


Lil Gnar has been buzzing for a minute, building his brand as a skateboarder, a rapper, and a budding style icon. Moving to Atlanta at a young age, Gnar has been interested in the culture since a young age, so it’s only right that he’s striving as part of it as an adult.

He continues to release some hot records to appease his fanbase and, this week, he came through with his latest, teaming up with the rising Lil Keed and production collective Internet Money for “HEY!”

The song is a fast-paced face-off between Gnar and Keed, starting with a verse and hook from the former before leading into Keed’s high-pitched verse. As expected, the production is wavy with shaking snares and an infectious piano loop.

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fucking groupies on the road, my bitch getting mad
Baby, I’m a rockstar, don’t know how to act
Real rager, can’t tame it
Gеtting brain in the Range ’cause I’m famous
Chеwing on the molly, slidin’ in the Aventador
Finna get the panties off the baddest IG whores