Lil Keed Tosses Fan’s Phone In The Club: Watch


Lil Keed is one of the hottest rappers to be coming out of Atlanta right now and, for the most part, he appears to be quite mild-mannered. He and his brother Lil Gotit are making great strides under Young Thug’s tutelage, opening eyes around the country and continuing to grow as individual artists. Sometimes, even the calmest beasts get awakened within us and that happened when Keed took a trip to the nightclub recently. When a fan tried to record him, tapping him on his arm with his cell phone, Keed took matters into his own hands and acted out of character.

Andy Lyons/BIG3/Getty Images

If you’re trying to get close to Lil Keed, we would advise you not to tap him on the arm with your phone. Apparently, that triggers something within him. Either that or he was just having an off night. It happens to the best of us. In the video below, the Long Live Mexico rapper can be seen during a club appearance in Atlanta on Halloween night. One fan got close to him and attempted to film him with his phone but Keed was not having it. He waited a few moments, grabbed the device out of homeboy’s hands and tossed it in the opposite direction, possibly shattering the screen.

Keed has officially responded to the drama via XXL, writing on his Instagram story, “If I say don’t record me that mean don’t record crazy man…respect is key. Y’all can think what y’all want idgaf.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if the fan tries to file a lawsuit about this. We’ve seen court cases like this before so hopefully, Keed is able to reach out to the fan before it becomes a problem.


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