Lil Nas X Flexes On Haters After “Satan Shoe” Sells Out Instantly


Lil Nas X had the Twitter world buzzing over the weekend as he unveiled a brand new collaboration with MSCHF. The collab saw MSCHF create their very own version of the Nike Air Max 97, which featured a drop of blood in the midsole. The shoe was also going to cost $1,018 USD, and only 666 pairs were made, which, of course, goes with the whole Satan aesthetic. Many were absolutely enraged by this and felt as though Lil Nas X was trying to possess people.

Today, the shoe went on sale at around 11 AM EST and it immediately sold out. It only took a few minutes for every pair to be scooped up, and Nas X made sure to alert his haters about it. In the tweets below, Lil Nas X even said his foes were looking pretty down bad.

“Y’all talked so much shit about these shoes just for them to sell out in literally less than one minute. lmao y’all going out SAD!” he wrote on Twitter. Clearly, the outrage only helped to boost sales, and Lil Nas X is the biggest winner in all of this.

At the end of the day, controversy is always going to bring publicity, and all of the people clutching their pearls over the devil, should have known better.

Lil Nas X

Amy Sussman/Getty Images