Lil Nas X & Jay-Z Link Up As Cam’ron & Vincent Vega For Epic Halloween Pic


Every Halloween, celebrities pop up to remind us just how rich they are. I mean, the Kardashians, for instance, seem to rent dogs for their outfits (Kim & Khloe, I’m talkin’ to you). However, sometimes less is more.

Jay-Z and Lil Nas X didn’t have the most elaborate costumes of all time but they did pull off some great guises. Lil Nas X took to Instagram yesterday to reveal his costume as Killa Cam with the pink fur coat and matching flip phone while Jay-Z rocked the Vincent Vega look from Pulp Fiction. The two linked up for a stellar photo for Halloween which was a shoo-in for our top 10 best celebrity Halloween costume list.

So the two apparently took the photo at Beyonce and Jay’s annual Halloween party. Over the years, Jay’s costume has matched whatever Beyonce was rocking. In 2018, Beyonce and Jay paid homage to groundbreaking Black athletes Florence Griffith Joyner and Tommie Smith. The year before, they dressed up as Lil Kim and The Notorious B.I.G. Beyonce, however, hasn’t taken to the ‘Gram to reveal her costume as she typically does. Additionally, there weren’t any photos of the two that surfaced online. With Jay-Z dressing up as John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, many have speculated that she dressed up as Uma Thurman’s character, Mia Wallace.


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