Lil Nas X Makes Fun Of Himself With Fake Spotify Stats: “The Horse N***a”


When it comes to artists and social media, not many utilize the tool better than Lil Nas X. The young artist is experiencing the strongest year of his career, absolutely breaking out with his hit single “Old Town Road.” The song has earned him a number of Grammy Award nominations, still serving as one of the most popular tunes of the entire year. LNX took over the world and, when he announced his sexuality to his fans, he started getting even more love. The record-breaking rapper is no stranger to trolling himself and, now that the Spotify Wrapped lists are taking over the internet, he decided to have some fun with the template, joking about his own success.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Referring to himself as “The Horse N***a,” Lil Nas X joked about his industry domination by making up his own statistics, which very well could have been accurate. At the top of the year, it felt like “Old Town Road” was getting played everywhere so “like 12 billion” streams isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. In terms of listeners, Nas didn’t feel like calculating the total number of folks who tuned in, leaving that as “a lot, on god.” Where the number of countries is written, LNX just noted “swag lol” as his answer.

Are you a fan of this buzzing artist? Do you think he’ll continue his strong success in 2020?


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